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Monday - Friday · 8:00am - 5:30pm (303) 670-1926

Automotive services -- routine maintenance

At Marcy’s Automotive, routine maintenance and oil changes are seen as a vital necessity to the continued health of your vehicle. Our competition are usually cheaper are offer faster service than we provide. Cheapest is not always better, and speed is not doing you or your vehicle any favors. At Marcy’s, we pride ourselves in being thorough. When you have your vehicle serviced with us, our service does not stop at Lube, Oil and Filter. You can count on having your brakes, lights, ALL fluids, tire pressure, wipers, belts, and hoses checked. Anything that may need further attention is brought to you for approval to keep your vehicle running safe. This is our due diligence. Our motto at Marcy's Automotive is Old Fashion Quality Service

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Marcy's Automotive


Our Competitors

We use premium synthetic and synthetic-blend oils.  Purchased in bulk at premium prices.
We view your vehicle as a huge investment.  You're just a customer.
Our full service includes Lube, Oil, Filter, ALL fluids, tire pressure, wipers, belts, hoses.  These services are seldom offered. 
We use the highest in quality for our oil, air, and fuel filters. Again, purchased in bulk so they can offer a $19.95 oil change. 

At Marcy’s, we excel in doing work in a complete fashion where our work is not built on the volume of vehicles we can run in and out. We pride ourselves in being thorough. Consider Marcy’s for your routine maintenance. We would be grateful for your patronage.

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