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Automotive services -- BRAKES

Marcy’s Automotive prides itself on the highest quality of Brake Services in the front range. Brakes services are a safety issue for us, therefore we don't cut corners or offer inferior products, only OE parts. We're backed by 38 years of experience and the loyal customer base we enjoy. Looking for Quality service?  Give Marcy’s Automotive a try. 

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Marcy's Automotive


Our Competitors

We offer the highest quality O.E. parts! We have witnessed other shops install inferior equipment!
We always resurface rotors and drums! Many of our competitors automatically install new rotors, costing you unnecessary expense!
We even resurface NEW rotors, ensuring your stops to be smooth and safe! Our competitors just put new rotors on (even new rotors are not always true) without resurfacing them! 
New brake shoes require new brake cylinders! Our competition is sometimes known to only do part of this service.
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